Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Exact Moment I Got the Flu This Year

About a month ago I was having some chest pains.  Enough so that it warranted a visit to the doctor.  I’ve had this pain once before this year.  It’s called pleurisy.  Some sort of infection in the chest wall that causes pain when there is friction between the chest wall and say your lungs.  So breathing or moving can cause this pain.  I know right?  Breathing, that’s kind of essential to living.  The first time the doctor gave me antibiotics and in a few days I was back to normal.  So, thinking this is the same thing, I had just been taking Advil for a couple of days and it was working but it wasn’t gone completely.  So there I was in the doctor’s office.  The doctor and I had determined it was the same thing as before.  I told her I was taking Advil and she said to keep going with that  until the pain subsides and I should be fine but call if it’s still around in a couple of days.  Cool.  Then it happened.

Doc:  “Do you want the flu shot?”
Me:   “Ummm no thanks, I usually don’t get it.”
Doc:  “Are you sure?”
Me in my head:  I just realized you must get paid for every flu shot you give, also you are a terrible salesperson…thank goodness you became a doctor.
Me: “Yup, I’ll maybe get it at work.  They have clinics set up for the next few weeks.”
Me in my head: Nope not getting it.

Two weeks later, fever, chills, phlegm and now coughing.  So a total of 3 weeks in and I’m still coughing.

That is all. Run along.

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