Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's 4 and a half.

Our oldest, 6-year old E has been bothering us about buying popcorn at school. It's some sort of fundraising they do for the school. The older kids sell Kernels flavoured popcorn. E has been all over his mom and I trying to pry $2 from us. Like any Filipino family, and this is how it was when I grew up, we told him that we would buy our own popcorn at the store because its cheaper and we get more.

Now Tuesdays in our house is piano lesson day. A good friend of hours teaches the kids. We proceed to pay her and we never ever have exact change. This was the case this past Tuesday. The change that we receive, $2.50, sits on the counter in the kitchen.

Wednesday after school we make popcorn for the kids for a snack. E2 (middle of the triplets) goes into his back pack and pulls out a Kernels bag of flavoured popcorn. I'm on shock. This is the same bag of popcorn that I have been telling E the senior that he can't have.

"Where did you get that?"
"My sister gave it to me." Smiling.
"A, where did you get this popcorn?"
"From Jocelyn."
"Who's Jocelyn?"
"She's a helper."
"She just gave you popcorn?"
"I gave her money."
"Where did you get the money?"
"I found it."

Not only did our daughter swipe the change from the kitchen counter in the morning and put it in her back pack. She had the wherewithal (just wanted to use that word) to try to frame her brother. Genius. She's 4 and a half years old.

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