Friday, November 15, 2013

Vampire Weekend

It all started with this twitter conversation:

So usual morning routine. Except that I get to use my car to drive to work today because my wonderful wife has the day off from work. She will pick up the kids this afternoon. We have 4 kids so I still have to drive the minivan to school to drop them off but I can come home and switch to the compact car so my wife can pick up the kids in the afternoon. I know it may not sound like much but not having to drive that minivan everywhere is heaven. 

So I stick my work stuff and my morning coffee into the other car in anticipation of my future self having to only get in the car and go to work.  I proceed to get all of the kids in the van and leave for the school.

I drop off the kids at school. I make the switch between the kids' CD and the radio. CBC Radio 1 or 2 usually, today Radio 2 because of the tweets. So it's 8:07am and I hit 94.1 and there is Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers right at the beginning of the song. Unbelievable! Today is going to be an awesome day!

Off I go to work!

So about 20 minutes into my commute, halfway to to work, I am still in the minivan. Hello? Hello? Right, I forgot to switch cars. So there I am doubling back home to switch cars. Late for work. Seems to me this is all Tom Power's fault.

Thanks CBC Radio 2 morning for the great story! Have a great weekend.

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