Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just sitting here listening to a Beatles playlist and drinking scotch on the rocks.  Doing a little reminiscing about my father.  Here's a post from a blog I had once upon a time.  It's 30-year old me talking.  30-year old me who was expecting his first kid.  We're at 4 now.  It went like this:

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

We're expecting our first child this November. The little guy is due just after my 31st birthday. I really can't believe it. Today is his grandpa's birthday. People always say you turn into your parents. I suppose they're right. In terms of looks, I'm a carbon copy of my father. Personality wise some traits are there but others my mother got to first. Just a weird feeling today knowing that I'm going to be a father. My dad is probably not thinking about us (the kids, 31, twenty-something - my sis, and 24) too much at all today. He is probably laughing it up with his brother (I plan to do the same thing throughout my life) and I'm sure he is feeling grandpa-ish with my Uncle and all of his grandkids - 4, and two more on the way. He's going to be a wonderful grandpa. He's done an amazing job with the three of us and will probably evoke some kind of revenge through my little guy but I'm sure that goes with the territory.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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