Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Things

1.  Do not cover your a/c unit.  Place a piece of plywood and a brick on the top.  Covering the whole unit  makes it a home for mice and it traps moisture and condensation in and that will eat away at the parts.

2.  Variable rate mortgages save more money in general than fixed rate mortgages.  Also, there is no penalty for switching to fixed from variable, at any time.

3.   Actual headline : 20 Leave Toronto Lingerie Football team in dispute over safety/coaching - the concerns are coaching and 'shoddy equipment'!  HAR!  Really ladies? Really?

4.   Ryan Smyth is awesome.

5.   Justin Beiber is approaching Celine Dion annoying status.  Evidence: the nerve to go to a Jets game with his gf and wear Jets jerseys - him #6, she #9.  Cringe.  Someone tweeted after - did Beiber ask Bobby Hull if she could wear that number?  C'mon man. *shaking head*

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