Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Apple, you had me at "Do you have an appointment?"

My wife and son like sleep.  You should see my wife try to wake up our 4 year old (soon to be 5, who, yes, sleeps in our bed).  They’re side by side and back to back, both half asleep, and my wife manages to barely utter the words “E wake up.” Sure, that’ll do it.  “Umm hello kettle it’s me J.”

My iPhone 4 home button hasn’t been working for a couple of weeks.  It’s intermittent.  I just realized that today might be the last day of my one year warranty.  I took it to Telus, the gentlemen pressed the button several times to confirm that, yes I am telling the truth.  Then he proceeded to direct me to go to the Apple store.  Have you been in here?  The Apple store is a little intimidating.  I realize I don’t really know where to stand.  No lines.  I think you just sidle.  Which is what I did.  Then a nice gentleman named Lucas helped me out.  He asked if I had an appointment.  An appointment? Am I at a doctor’s office?  You mean you can’t just help me out right now?  I have an appointment.

Also, for like 18-19 years I’ve been marking October 26 as the day my friend (now my wife) used a baseball game to cop a feel (well really a hug but it sounds way better my way).  We went down to the SkyDome a bunch of us highschoolers and watched the Jays win the World Series on the what was then one of the biggest screens in the world.  When Timlin threw over to ….  for the final out, she was the first one to snag a hug.  A couple of days ago, the 24th of October to be exact there were a bunch of “This Day in Sports” things and it turns out the Jays won their first World Series October 24th, 1992.  So for like 18-19 years I was totally wrong.  The Oilers still won 5 Stanleys right?

Seems like whenever I have money, the second I know it, I start figuring out how I can spend it.

CBC – this our has 22 minutes and Rob Ford.
I’m on the ‘I don’t really agree with Rob Ford’ side of things.  However, a story this morning about the CBC show This Hour Has 22 Minutes ambushing Ford in his driveway actually had me siding with Ford.  I’m all for jokes and sticking to a guy who seems to be sticking it to Toronto but when you have a father taking his 6-year old daughter to school – probably not the best timing.  Six year olds don’t know it’s a joke, they see strangers coming at them and their father.  Bad move CBC.

There’s nothing I hate more than being late.  I kind of over-react when this happens. 

I hope Edmonton gets it’s act together.

So back to the Apple Store, I was early for my appointment by 2min. see lateness above.  I had to check in, and they told me to have a seat at the Genius Bar.  I told them my problem with the home button.  The nice Genius took it to the back to open the phone up.  2 things – if it’s water damage – which it likely was (we have 4 children) then it does not fall under warranty, and B) I am one day out on my warranty coverage, it ended yesterday.  The Genius came back and started like this “Unfortunately….”  Great, I’m thinking there’s no way I’m getting this fixed.  I’m gonna have to live with this button and if it gets worse there’s nothing I can do.  The Genius goes on to say exactly the 2 things that I noted above but, and here’s the AHHHH light shining from above moment, “…we can make a one-time exception this time.  Usually it costs $169.00 to replace a phone out of warranty or with water damage but we will waive the fee and get you a new phone today.  You’ll just have to sync it when you get home but it’s totally usable right now.”

Me – “uh yeah, sure, that would be great if you could do that”
Me in my head – “This really is the Genius Bar…did I just steal something from Apple?...Are they following me home?”

And that’s how customer service is done.  Apple, I’m yours forever.


  1. I think for the second World Series win, you came by my place for my 19th birthday, in my basement. You gave me a TDK cassette tape with Boyz II Men singing Yesterday, telling me I needed to hear it, the rest you left blank so I could put what I wanted on it, cos you knew I wasn't a fan (I put Digable Planets on it). I still have that tape (it's in a box in the basement). I should add that on that same night, I was both very drunk on Jack Daniels and stoned. I love Apple too! Best, Pith!

  2. @JohnMellor
    Wow, weird how you remember that. Also what's this about not sharing the drink and the spliff? I thought we were friends. :) Also, thank you for re-establishing the fact that I was a huge geek in high school.

  3. Sorry brother, I was merely trying to point out even though I was FUBAR that night, I remember exactly what you gave me for my 19th birthday, and have kept it all these years. You liking Boyz II Men doest't make you a geek. But declaring you love Apple on the interwebs, well... ;) FYI, I used to like Motley Crue as kid, so there :P